Costa Rica airport will receive investment of $100 million in 2 years

New boarding gates, an airplane taxiway on the south side of the landing strip, a carousel for luggage and the expansion of the lobby are part of the projects that AERIS, the company in charge of the Juan Santamaría Airport since 2009, has planned.

The airport will receive an investment of $100 million USD, to improve its infrastructure. The goal is to finish all construction work before January 2020.

This expansion is part of the commitments taken on by Aeris when they took over the administration of Costa Rica’s main airport.

According to Rafael Mencía, executive director of Aeris, all improvements are being done to satisfy the growing demand of the terminal and also to increase security.

In 2016 the Juan Santamaría airport provided service to 4.3 million passengers and that number is expected to increase to 4.6 million travelers this year.

The airport currently has 11 boarding gates, and the construction of 2 more will begin in the west wing of the main building.

The next step will be the expansion of the lobby where currently 27 airlines have their client support counters; and a fifth luggage carousel will be built.

The taxiway on the south side and the extension of 60 meters of the landing strip will begin construction in 2018.

“Having that additional taxiway will improve the operations in the airport, since right now we only have the road on the north side and every time an airplane is getting ready for takeoff we have to close the runway for about 2 minutes, perhaps this sounds like a short time, but when you multiply that for the more than 70 international flights we receive every day, it is considerable”, explained Mencía to local newspaper La Nacion.

Finally by 2020 construction should begin of the other two boarding gates which will be located where Coopesa currently is.


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By Laura Alvarado

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